Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreaming of a white Christmas...

Actually, I HAD a white Christmas which I'm very appreciative of because I've never experienced one before! Christmas is Denmark is so lovely. I wish I could come here every year and take my family with me and celebrate here. The Christmas spirit is truly here. As there are some similarities to the Christmas I'm used to, there are many differences as well. For instance, Christmas is not just the 24th and the 25th of december, it's the entire month. Most of the important things happen on the 24th though. With my host family, we first went to church then came home relaxed a little and started cooking. For dinner there was duck, lots of potatoes, and some other vegetables. For dessert we had rice pudding with a cherry sauce which is so delicious! And if you find the almond in the pudding then you win a special gift, and I got it! (And no it wasn't a set up because I'm foreign, I actually won it fair and square.) After dinner we all gathered around the tree and danced around it and sang songs. This was really strange for me, but it was really nice! Here, they open presents on Christmas Eve as well. I especially like that tradition. ;)

On Christmas day, my host dad, mom, brother and I all went outside in the snow after breakfast. (I made them an American pancake breakfast by the way). My host dad had attached a sled to a motor bike, it was so much fun! There are no hills in Denmark so you kinda have to get creative when you wanna sled. It was a relaxing day of just enjoying your time together with family.

I had a great Danish New Year's Eve as well. First, I watched the annual speech the Queen gives every New Year's Eve and ate a little bit before going to my classmate's house for a party. It was the most fun New Year's I have had in a long time!

The new year has started off great, still love it here and I have still only been homesick one time. I'm actually more sad that I'm leaving sooner and sooner. I really hate thinking about it, it will be soo hard to leave this place. I'm seriously considering coming back and going to school here because I love living here and I love speaking and learning Danish. The way of life here is great and I'm incredibly satisfied. I almost wish I didn't like it this much so it would be easier to leave.

Anways, that's all for now...

Vi ses næste gang!

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