Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ikke Mere Engelske

No more English for me accept of course when I'm blogging or else you folks back home would never understand! So I finally got smart and decided that the only way I'm gonna learn this crazy language is if I just stop speaking English. It's going to be so difficult not speaking it. I guess the saying "You don't know what you got until it's gone" is true. I'm going to miss you've gotten me so far in life but no offense, you're really slowing me down here! Actually English, you really suck. I blame American education for this right now. If we were forced to be bilingual at an early age then learning a 3rd language would be so much easier but nooo. We can only learn English because that's the American way. Ick! Well that's just sad but I guess that's exactly why I signed up to be an exchange student in the first place. Also in case ya'll are wondering about the weather. It's not that great. In fact 2 weeks ago it rained 5 days in a row. I was considering building an ark. But it's been getting better! You still never know when it's gonna get freezing or rain out of no where though. So watching the weather channel is basically pointless. I really think I could get a job as a meteorlogist here because all I would have to say everyday is, "It's probably gonna rain and it might be cold. But then again you never know.." Okay anyways, I think I've ranted enough, now time to talk about the good things!

I went to a party with my class which was SO fun. Everyone is so happy and excited about everything and there is so much food! Actually, everyone wanted me to bring American food and I was like, "Well...what do you want me to do? Stop at McDonalds?" Yeah..not so easy to do here. So I ended up making Mexican food. (Hey, Arizona is close to the Mexican border!) I made quesadillas with homemade salsa because quite frankly, Danish people don't know what salsa is so it was just easier to make it. And they really seemed to like it. Yay! I was afraid it was gonna have too much flavor for them to handle. (Seriously, Danish food could use some Tapatio sauce every once in a while!) I feel bad about being vegetarian sometimes of them wanted me to try their pizza because it supposedly was the best pizza ever, even better than American pizza but it had meat all over it so it was kind of a bummer. I always find myself saying, "Sorry, if I try your food I'll die, but it looks great!" Ugh. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes I guess. It ain't easy being green.

So um, I guess that's all I have to update you with. So farvel for now!

More pics uploaded on the FB! Sheck em' out if you have the time. (And I'm assuming you do because you just took the time to read this.)

Vi ses!