Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's been a while..

So sorry I haven't updated for a while. I have been so busy, which is good right? I've been here now for 2 and a half months and I'm still not homesick. (I hate to admit it but it's true, sorry America!) I really feel like I'm meant to be here, like this is where I'm supposed to be. I love Denmark and I think it will be really hard to leave this beatuiful country. It's autumn now, Denmark is the most beatuiful place to be this time of year. The weather is only crappy sometimes but on a clear day it looks amazing! The leaves are changing color and falling, it's especially nice in Silkeborg by the lake. I'll have to take a picture before it starts getting dark and depressing in the winter time. Ha, just kidding...kind of.

Anyways, so this past month I have been to Legoland with another exchange student and her family. It was so kind of them to take me and it was so much fun! I really loved it. It was so awesome to go the Legoland in the country where Legos were invented. (Yes, they really were invented here.) Besides that, I have just been really busy with school. I do all of the English assigments and I even had to present a powerpoint about the US economy for my Social Studies class, which wasn't very easy. "Well, our economy sucks because we spent more money then we had. 13 trillion dollars to be exact. Any questions?" It actually went really well thouugh so yay me! Moving on, my class is so much fun and I'm not trying to be a suck up if any of you are reading this, but I really do have the best class at the gymnasium! They really are so sweet. I should probably mention my math class because everyone seems to think it's so funny. One day I was sitting in class not understanding a single thing, as usual, and I asked, "Man, what is this?!" and my classmate was like, "Rocket science." And I was like, "Pshhh, that's funny." and he said, "No seriously." So I asked the teacher and turns out it was rocket science. In Danish. Definitely not what I signed up for. I basically don't stand a chance in that class. Bu oh well! There's always English class! I went to Århus with a very nice boy from my class and his friends from Germany. I really needed some "cheap" winter clothes and the big cities are the only place to go to find them and it was a success so I'm happy. Found a coat and some boots and I think I'm ready to not die this winter. I hope. We also went to a "bazar" which is a big middle eastern market where everything is really cheap as well. It was right up my ally, I really love ethnic places like that. It really reminded me of Morocco too. Then I got to go to an authentic Scandinavian IKEA. So lovely and I was so happy. Everyone who knows me knows that if there are 2 things I love in this world it's cheap things from other countries with Arabic music and a good furniture store!

I'm very excited because now we are on our fall break and and it has been a good start so far. There have been 2 birthdays in my host family and Danish birthdays are always the best. There is so much food and music and it is very nice. I'm also going to Oslo, Norway and then I will be going back to Fur for a few days with my host family! So fun and so nice.

Well I think that's almost everything. Actually, it probably isn't but I kinda gotta get off the computer now so farvel for now!

Jeg elsker dig og jeg savne dig!

Check out the pics from all these exciting events on my facebook!

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