Sunday, August 29, 2010

A whole new world

I have officially been in Denmark 1 month now and it is so awesome! It truly has been the best month of my life. Let me bring you up to speed, I have started school at Silkeborg Gymnasium and went to the Rotary Introcamp. Danish school is so awesome! I really do love it and the teachers and students are so friendly. Yes, all of my classes are in Danish and I can't understand a single thing but my classmates are really cool about translating when they can. I'm taking English and Spanish so I know I'll be able to pass at least 2 out of 7 classes. Everyone is pretty outgoing for the most part so it been easy making friends as well. I really don't feel that out of place besides the fact that I can't speak Danish yet. My class is taking their trip to the US though so that's a huge bummer because I can't go and the class trip is supposed to be part of the whole experience. Although, I am trying to go with a different class to London so I really hope that works out! The thing that really made me feel like I belonged was the "pep assembly". It was actually nothing likea pep assembly at all. Pretty much everyone stood up, sang Beatles songs, and hugged all the new students. That was my first "Wow, I freaking love this place!" moment. I felt so at home. Man, I should have been born in this country!

I just got back fromt the Rotary Inrocamp and that was pretty fun but I have to say I was a little home sick for Ry and my school. It really was a bummer I had to miss an entire week of school to go to this camp. But I think it was worth it because I had a really awesome Danish teacher and I learned a hell of a lot. I also made a lot of new friends from around the world so that's pretty awesome as well. We took some trips to see Viborg and Århus. It was really nice to get out and explore some Danish cities with my friends! Viborg is a really cute little town up north where we went and got hot chocolate and Danish chocolate and pastries. Mmmmmm. We did a little shopping and saw the Viborg cathedral  as well. Then we went to Århus which is the second biggest city in Denmark. It was such an awesome city. We went to the Aros art museum which I LOVED. It was so interesting to see some modern Danish art and some really interesting takes on the concept of  "love" which I like to call "artistic pornography". This month's exhibit was called "I Love You" which seriously was so graphic. Honestly though, as uncomfortable as it was sometimes, it was kind of refreshing in a way to see that the Danes can just take sex and love for what it is and appreciate it in an artistic way. These art peices would never fly in the US, let's just leave it at that. Anyways, after the museum we just had some more free time and it was a great day. The camp overall was really good, we saw a Danish film (also pretty graphic because people just don't give a shit here), had a huge bon fire, and just hung out. Then on the last night we through a huge party with music and dancing and it was SO much fun. Just imagine 150 exchange students in a room dancing. It was insane.

I think maybe you should learn some Danish words that I'm probably gonna start saying a lot:

Jeg elseker dig = I love you
Farvel = Good bye

Also, don't be afraid to check out the photos on my facebook! (They're kind of a pain in the ass to put on here.)


  1. 'let me bring you up to speed',, haha you need to blog more!!
    love you!

  2. yeah and ignore the erlend said. hahah i had to use my dads account